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3D Lifestyle Cleaning

We are licensed, insured and by law we carry workman’s comp. All of our employee’s have passed a nationwide background check and working with vulnerable people card. We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi monthly, one times, end of lease and post construction cleaning. We work around your schedule!

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One stop for all your cleaning, maintenance & restoration needs Free on site price estimate Professional Cleaners We are dedicated to the complete & total satisfaction of our customers

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Here’s what you get!

Our cleaners will put in as much effort as it takes to get your home looking as good as new. Have a look below to see what’s included:

Always included

  • Trained Cleaning Team (2 People, 1 for smaller residences)
  • All supplies and tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
  • Amazing & unlimited customer service through email, phone.
  • 100% Happiness guarantee
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